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Food Loss Along the Supply Chain

Around one-fifth of imported and locally-sourced produce in Singapore is lost along the food supply chain every year. The loss is equivalent to 393,000 tonnes of vegetables, fruits and seafood that get spoiled during storage and transportation.

Overall, it costs Singapore food producers and manufacturers $2.54 billion, according to the Singapore Environment Council.

When your food shipment arrives spoiled, you risk legal troubles for potential health concerns in addition to monetary loss. This is why food and beverage supply chains are more complicated when they involve cold chain delivery in Singapore.

Some of the most common problems in food and beverage cold chain delivery include fluctuating temperatures, power outages, and delays that shorten the shelf life of products.

Singapore Delivery Services provides solutions to these problems with cold chain delivery for food and beverage manufacturers in SG.

What is Cold Chain Delivery?

Cold chain delivery is similar to a regular supply chain delivery, which usually happens in 4 steps:

Plan the route


Load the freight onto containers


Transport the product

Deliver it to a customer

The difference lies with cold chain delivery requiring temperature control to protect the goods in a container. While this is a singular difference, it affects the entire supply chain delivery process, from planning the route to moving the freight.

If your products need cold chain delivery, you need the right equipment and documentation to transport them.

Your transport equipment must adhere to proper food temperature control, which the National Environment Agency recommends be kept at 4°C and below for chilled food and -12°C for frozen food. Temperatures above these allow bacteria to multiply rapidly and spoil the food, so they must be monitored at all stages of the supply chain.

If you don’t have the fleet of vehicles and equipment necessary for your cold chain delivery needs, Singapore Delivery Services has the solutions. We provide a one-stop supply chain logistics service with island-wide coverage.

Through this service, you can ensure that your food and beverage products are temperature-controlled and delivered properly to your distributors and customers.

The Benefits of Cold Chain Delivery

  1. Eliminate food safety risks

Singapore Delivery Services has a fleet of transport vehicles equipped with temperature control equipment for cold chain management. This ensures your goods are transported at ideal temperatures to stave off bacteria growth.

  1. Get suitable product packaging

Packaging and containers are essential to keeping your perishable goods in the best condition. With a professional outsourced delivery service handling your products, you can rest assured that they’re packaged the right way.

  1. Product handling by qualified personnel

Mishandled food and beverages lead to incorrect temperature management and contamination. Singapore Delivery Services’ personnel are trained in food safety, including proper handling, storage and transport, so rest assured that your products are in capable hands.

  1. Preserve food quality

Your food and beverage products retain their manufacturing quality when they are handled by trained food safety personnel, kept at the right temperatures and packaged in the right containers. This way, you only deliver the best to your customers.

  1. Increase cold chain efficiency

You don’t have to worry about late deliveries and mishaps. As a company that has been providing supply chain delivery services across Singapore since 2015, we have a track record of 97% timely deliveries, so you know your products reach your customers when they should.

Why Choose Singapore Delivery Services



Your one-stop supply-chain logistics service provider for F&B manufacturers, moving from cold chain warehouse to distribution points, you can count on us.



We understand every manufacturer is different and in view of your unique requirements, SDS delivery service is ready to work on project customization.



As your outsourced delivery partner for manufacturers, it’s important to ensure islandwide delivery coverage for all locations across Singapore.



SDS offers a reliable supply chain solution with multi-temperature trucks for delivery of frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature F&B products/produce.

Safety &

Food safety and supply chain management control for inventories is our brand promise for being Singapore’s premium F&B logistics partner.



Consolidate and manage your supply chain under one roof; from cold chain warehousing to delivery distributions, saves you time and money.

Outsource Your Cold Chain Delivery Now

Singapore Delivery Services provides integrated cold chain logistics services for food and beverage manufacturers across the island. Supply chain delivery is complex, but with our end-to-end services, you have a comprehensive solution for all your cold chain delivery needs.

Get a free quote for your deliveries today.

Frequently Asked Questions

For cold chain delivery, we transport all kinds of chilled and frozen food and beverage products across Singapore.

Our food safety experts can monitor the temperature of products manually by checking thermometers or through automatic sensors in our cold storage facilities.

Our cold chain delivery service includes packing your goods in insulative materials, such as thermal bags, insulated vacuum panel and insulated boxes.

Singapore Delivery Services operates as a one-stop solution operation in which we consolidate and provide all the logistic services you need from warehousing to distribution.


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