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More than ever, with fresh delicacies being intricately sourced and imported from global locations, we see the surge in demand for cold chain logistics solutions to deliver the freshest produce from farm to table. Catering to the specific need of the foodservice industry, SDS food transport services take delicate care of your temperature-sensitive products from temperature-controlled storage to trucks in a seamless manner assuring freshest deliveries without compromising product’s integrity.

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Food Logistics

sds col chain temp control

Temperature Controlled

Tap into our reliable cold chain and fresh food logistics solution with temperature-controlled fleets for freshest food delivery.

sds col chain one stop

One-Stop Service

A one-stop service with end to end supply chain management takes the hassle off from multi-points contact.


White Label

With our outsourced fresh food logistics and delivery solution, we could be your white-labelled delivery team to represent your brand.

sds col chain pro delivery

Professional Delivery

SDS provides customers with a trusted team of well trained, customer-oriented, and professional drivers.

sds col chain safety

Product Safety

Supply chain management with temperature controls ensures the keeping of high levels of food product safety.

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Time Saving

Consolidate your supply chain management for warehousing to distributions, to save you time and money in fresh food logistics.


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Outsource F&B cold chain logistics!


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