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We’re excited to launch our latest 2024 fleets of 14ft, 18ft, and 24ft refrigerated trucks, enhancing SDS’s cold chain logistics. Tailored for sectors including pharma logistics, food services, and supermarket chains, our fleet represents our commitment to exceptional cold transport. These refrigerated vehicles set new standards in cold chain management, ensuring precise delivery of temperature-sensitive goods. Interested in elevating your logistics solutions? Reach out to SDS for a quote and discover how our advanced fleet can meet your specific needs.

One-stop integrated cold chain logistics service for Singapore

As the urban world crashes in the growing demand for fresher, faster, and better quality food or pharmaceutical products, there is a timely review by businesses to ensure tip-top cold chain management solutions. The number one challenge is often the assurance of keeping products at its freshest form with the right temperatures throughout the transportation process.

Jump on in with Singapore Delivery Services as your premium choice for a one-stop integrated cold chain logistics service. The time has come for a new and smarter temperature-controlled cold chain solution for the F&B and Pharmaceuticals industries. As we bring you the logistics intelligence to monitor cargo temperature, we give you access for real-time visibility to the entire supply chain, personalizing to your organizational needs.

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Our temperature-controlled food logistics and refrigerated transport service ensures the freshest deliveries from farm to table. With end-to-end supply chain management, white-label options, and professional drivers, we guarantee product safety and time-saving solutions.

Our temperature-controlled vehicles ensure that perishable goods, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats, remain fresh throughout the journey. This not only guarantees the quality of your products but also reduces the risk of spoilage and waste.

From collection to delivery, our team handles every step precisely, ensuring timely and reliable service. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent image, and our team is dedicated to representing your business professionally.

By choosing us, you can confidently meet the demands of your customers and enhance your overall business operations. Contact us now for reliable refrigerated container transport.


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Cold Chain

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Explore our F&B cold chain shipping solutions catering to businesses such as the supermarket chains, fresh produce importers, frozen food products manufacturers, chilled product distributors, and more.


Cold Chain

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Explore our pharma cold transportation logistics service catering to the healthcare industry such as the pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy chains, wellness and health products retailers, hospitals, and clinics.



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