Warehousing Services
For China and Global Imports

SDS combines dedicated and shared 3PL warehouse centers throughout Singapore. Our dedicated operations are highly customized to the precise needs of our customers. Our shared warehouse services co-locate products from many different companies, who save by sharing overhead and co-loading freight as part of SDS’s freight consolidation program.


Order Fulfillment

Reduce operational costs associated with running own infrastructure, focus on core functions of your bussiness and reach customers across multiple channels. SDS will take care of order processing, packaging and labeling, and shipment.


Inventory Control

Analyze the delivery of goods to your customers utilizing inventory cycle counts and inventory control to make it easy to eliminate and reduce receiving errors.


Contract Warehousing

We know distribution is a key component to your business growth. Maximize your reach by establishing distribution centers in regions near your customers as fast as possible.



Route products from one or multiple manufacturing sites to a strategically located distribution center. This service makes financial sense to manufacturers who do not have the physical space, equipment, and labor required to undertake special order fulfillment.

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Some of the companies that offer this service allow their clients to track movement of goods from one location to another in real-time, be it by ocean, rail, road, or air transport



Flexibility and efficiency are paramount when moving and storing your goods. SDS Transloading will facilitate transportation from vessel or airplane to railcar, truck-bed and more.


Service Infor

Your one-stop supply-chain logistics service provider for F&B central kitchens, from cold chain storage to supply distributions, you can count on us.


Customised Pricing

We understand every central kitchen is different and in view of your unique requirements, SDS delivery service is ready to work on project customisation.


Islandwide Converage

As your outsourced delivery partner for central kitchens, it’s important to ensure islandwide delivery coverage for all outlets and locations in Singapore.


Temperature Controlled

SDS offers a reliable supply chain solution with multi-temperature trucks for delivery of frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature F&B products/produce.

Safety & Control

Food safety and supply chain management control for inventories is our brand promise for being Singapore’s premium F&B logistics partner.


Time Saving

Consolidate and manage your central kitchen’s supply chain under one roof; from cold chain warehousing to delivery distributions, saves you time and money.


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