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Cold Chain Management for
Pharmaceuticals in Singapore

With the growing push in securing the highest standards for pharmaceutical and biotech industries, logistics plays an important part in achieving the optimal integrity of pharma products delivered to the hands of the consumers. When moving temperature-sensitive products from factories to shelf, manufacturers from global locations need to fuse their supply chain with smart connectivity and digital insights. SDS designs cold chain logistics and pharma transport solutions to ensure delicate care of your pharmaceutical products from temperature-controlled warehousing to trucking in a seamless manner without compromising the product’s integrity.

Pharma Logistics

sds col chain temp control

Temperature Controlled

Customize logistics management with temperature-controlled storage and fleets for pharmaceutical products.

sds col chain one stop

One-Stop Service

A one-stop service with end to end supply chain management takes the hassle off from multi-points contact.


White Label

Let our outsourced delivery solution act as your dedicated delivery team, representing your brand with pride.

sds col chain pro delivery

Professional Delivery

Our pharma logistics company enables you to enjoy a hassle-free experience by providing a highly trained, customer-focused, and professional team of drivers.

sds col chain safety

Product Safety

Our supply chain management includes temperature controls to guarantee the highest levels of product safety.

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Consolidate your supply chain management from warehousing to distribution and experience the benefits of time and cost savings.

Pharmaceutical suppliers face numerous pain points when it comes to cold chain logistics. Ensuring temperature-controlled transport and storage of sensitive biological material is crucial, but many companies struggle with limited capacity and service levels. The risk of temperature excursions and inadequate logistics strategy further complicates the process.

However, reliable pharma cold chain management, like those offered by SDS, provides comprehensive solutions to address these challenges. With our expertise and advanced capabilities, we enable safe and efficient transportation, helping pharmaceutical suppliers maintain the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain.


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